About Us

Our Vision

Allowing God to Lead Us.

When we allow God to lead us, we hardly make mistakes, because God is All-knowing, All-powerful, and Always Present in time of need. We are looking at the entire world Allowing God to lead them in their daily activities, in the home, in the office, in government or politics and everywhere else.

Imagine a world, where we all submit to God’s lead. Allowing Him to take all the decisions for us and paving the way for Him to help us execute our decisions. It will be a perfect world to dwell – a paradise of glory.

Our Mission

World Outreach.

Creating awareness about God and His handy works in the human race in the mind of the people will help to drive people to allow God to lead them in their daily lives.

This will involve regular posting of articles, sermons, teachings about the one and only true God. Sending out newsletters to subscribers coupled with occasional interactive sessions and regular updates on current events and activities around the globe.