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Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening to Me God?

People often wonder why God allows bad things to keep happening; it can be hard to grasp how an all-powerful and loving Being could let bad things befall good people.

However, these painful experiences often help us become stronger and wiser individuals while drawing us closer to God.

Why do bad things keep happening to me?

A college student dies in a car accident, or their pastor gets diagnosed with cancer or their house burns down - such situations often leave us questioning why God would allow such tragedy to befall good people - an inquiry often raised both by believers and nonbelievers alike.

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Maybe the reason bad things keep happening to you is due to a negative mindset. By practicing gratitude journaling and other positive mindset activities, gratitude journaling may just be all it takes to turn around your luck - after all, the Law of Attraction dictates that whatever we focus on grows stronger in our lives; keeping a positive outlook may help avoid getting into bad situations in the first place and when bad situations do arise you will gain greater insight into how God uses them for good in your life.

I Don’t Know Why.

When bad things happen to us it can be confusing and disheartening, yet God understands. He wants you to remember that "all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose" (Romans 8:28). Bad things do not happen due to sin on our part or due to evil in this world - perhaps gratitude journaling or other positive mindset practices might just help refocus your thinking!

I Don’t Have Enough Faith.

Many people view faith and Christianity as irrelevant or even silly, viewing religion as nothing more than an irrelevant fable with no foundation in reality. Skepticism often extends to prayer as well, leading many Christians down the path towards doubtful thoughts and practices.

Thought this way is to completely miss the purpose of prayer. Far from an exercise in futility, prayer should serve as the gateway for trusting and believing in God; prayer provides an avenue that helps deepen one's beliefs in what one already knows to be right.

Jesus taught his disciples that when praying for something they needed only believe they were receiving it (Mark 11:24). This wasn't done to increase faith levels but rather encourage their current levels.

Though our faith should continually increase, we should not become disheartened with what level we currently possess. God knows exactly how He'll use any amount of faith we currently possess for His good plan - be like Joseph when going through difficult times; remember God is on your side and all will work out for good (Romans 8:28). Don't lose heart! He is there. Be patient and trust Him!

I Don’t Believe in God.

People who do not believe in God may give several explanations as to why. Perhaps there's no logical proof of his existence or they simply cannot believe in a deity which allows so much suffering (something comedian Stephen Fry has used as an argument against Christianity), while others might simply be put off by Christians they know who behave in a hypocritical fashion.

No matter our reason for questioning religious belief or affiliation, no one can force us to be believers or followers of any particular faith or creed; that choice lies solely with each individual.

Even among people who believe in God, no universal agreement exists on who or what He is or does or doesn't do; even among intelligent and thoughtful people. Some arguments used to prove His existence seem incoherent; for example: How can an all-powerful and all-knowing God allow so much suffering if He is indeed good? Or can He truly be all loving if so many die without ever hearing about Christ and being saved?

It should also be apparent that statements like, 'God moves in mysterious ways' and, 'He answers prayers sometimes but sometimes does not' are just lame excuses for not changing our course in life. In truth, God is just Santa Claus for adults.

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