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Who Are Spiritual Guards?

Who are spiritual guards? Ultimately, God guards us at all time from spiritual dangers. Other guards include church leaders who advices you in the way of God.

Spiritual Support Team

Spiritual support can be an integral component of holistic care. It can help identify sources of strength for coping and finding meaning and purpose while managing symptoms or side effects that interfere with spirit, mind, emotions, or relationships. A chaplain or spiritual care advisor may offer this support; these professionals have been trained to deal with people from diverse faiths and backgrounds. If the first person you talk to does not seem suitable to your needs or situation, consider asking your health care team about seeing someone else instead.

Based on your location and needs, members of a spiritual support team could include physicians, chaplains or pastoral counselors, religious leaders or community spiritual advisers and an administrative personnel such as nurses or clinic managers. Receptionists at physician's offices or hospital ward clerks may help to identify religious affiliation and record this data into patient's records.

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Chaplains are trained specialists within the SCT who can assess and address patients' spiritual needs comprehensively. After conducting an initial spiritual evaluation, the chaplain will create a "spiritual care plan" tailored specifically for each individual patient identified as having spiritual care needs, as well as educate health care providers on holistic approaches that include spiritual care.

Spiritual Intercessors

Intercessors often go unrecognized and unrewarded here on earth for their spiritual warfare efforts, bearing much of the brunt of enemy attacks against health, family relations and livelihood. Therefore it's essential that they can turn to God for guidance in discerning what actions should be taken next.

Spiritual Protection

Spiritual Protection Prayers can be an excellent way to cleanse the soul and shield one from harmful energies and people, as well as helping one overcome emotional or mental blocks, reconnecting with God.

Protective prayers can take various forms depending on the circumstance, from simple petitioning God for help with safety to asking Him to heal any negative energy surrounding you. A popular type of protective prayer is repentance prayer - asking God for forgiveness of wrongs committed.

Respondents from long-term care homes reported that residents' spiritual needs are often disregarded or underappreciated, yet these services - such as programming, group gatherings and support from volunteers and clergy - make a meaningful impactful difference in residents' lives.

Spiritual care was traditionally perceived as being limited to religious aspects of long-term care; today however it is more broadly defined. Workers in these settings play an integral role and offer valuable wisdom and perspective to others; their task requires striking a delicate balance between providing physical, emotional and spiritual care, while still making room for resident needs.

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