Where was Jesus Christ crucified
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Where Was Jesus Christ Crucified?

Where was Jesus Christ crucified? I'm glad to tell you that according to the New Testament, He was crucified at a place outside the city of Jerusalem, called Golgotha.

In the book of John 19:17, we were told that Jesus bore his cross to a place called Golgothat in the Hebrew language and in English, it is called the place of skull.

In John 19:20, we were made to know that the place of skull, which is called Golgotha in Hebrew is outside the city of Jerusalem.

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So, when you ask, where was Jesus Christ crucified, I will confidently say; Jesus Christ was crucified outside the city of Jerusalem at a place called Golgotha.

The Latin Word For Golgotha

The Latin word for Golgotha is Calvariae, which is pronounced in English as Calvary. This is what brought the term; the cross of calvary into existence. So, instead of saying; the cross of Calvary, you can also say; the cross of Golgotha.

Jesus Christ died for you and I at the cross of Calvary. Have you accepted His offer yet? If no, today is the acceptable day for you to turn to God through His son Jesus Christ.

You can also watch this video on where Jesus Christ was crucified.

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