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What Was Jesus First Miracle?

What was Jesus first miracle? In John 2:1-12, we are told that Jesus transformed water into wine at a marriage ceremony in Cana of Galilee.

This was the first miracle that Jesus did and it took place in Cana of Galilee - John 2:11.

The Story of Jesus First Miracle

This story was a faith building story. It is an actual event that took place at a marriage ceremony in Cana of Galilee.

Jesus together with His disciples and mother was invited to the marriage. While they were there, the ceremony run out of wine and the mother of Jesus, Mary told her son the challenge they were facing.

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Here, I will say that Mary must have be so closed to either the bride or the groom doing the marriage and she decided to express her concern, knowing fully well, the kind of son she has and the sudden demand for wine, which cannot be met by buying.

But in all, I think God was at work here, so that people who see, read or heard the story will develop faith in Jesus.

3 Basic Moral Lessons Learned

From this Jesus first miracle story, we learned 3 basic moral lessons that we can apply in our lives. These include:

Jesus Was Called

Inviting Jesus into your life is very important. The couple in that marriage in Cana invited Jesus to their marriage ceremony. And because Jesus was there, nothing could have gone wrong - Read John 2:2.

In everything we do we need to invite Jesus into it. First of all, let Jesus take charge of your life, let Him lead you in all your ways - Proverbs 3:6.

The Challenge Was Told To Jesus

The second lesson we learned is that Jesus Christ was told the challenge the celebrators were experiencing. What was the challenge - Wine has finished - John 2:3.

We should not only invite Jesus into our lives and activities but we should also remember to tell Him the challenges or problems that are facing us. By doing so, Jesus will take charge of the situation and resolve all our worries - John 14:14.

Jesus Work Surpasses Ours

No matter the experience we may have and the effort we may put in to solve our problems, that of Jesus will always surpass our own. When we invite and told Jesus what we need, He will do it for us and give us a far better and rewarding results.

In John 2:10, we read of how the marriage guests were super excited to taste a wine that is far better than the first one.

They said; why have you kept the good wine till now after we are all fully drunk with the bad wine. You should have brought first this good wine - The water Jesus turned to wine. Nobody knows it was water, except the disciples that bored it to the governors of the marriage ceremony.

So, whatsoever Jesus does is far better than what we can do. You should invite Him into your life, tell Him your challenges and let Him do His miraculous work in your life.

You can also watch this video on what was Jesus first miracle.

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