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What Are the Obvious Signs God is Hiding You?

What are the signs God is hiding you? God often allows us to experience periods of silence. While we may not understand why, He knows better than anyone what will bring about the best outcome for our lives.

If it feels as if God is distant and silent when you pray, it could be He is trying to get your attention in different ways.

1. You Have Big Dreams But No One Is Seeing You

If your dreams seem unfulfilled, it could be because God has hidden them from view. This could be for any number of reasons - from being prepared for a promotion to protecting you from something that could cause you harm; even He knows this may be beneficial in hiding you when necessary for our own good - such as during times of preparation necessary for ministry that are being called to. Even though this time can seem futile now, He knows He's doing things now which will result in greater anointing later.

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Listening for signs from God can be challenging, yet essential to your survival. He often speaks through dreams; other times He might use other methods, like feelings in your mind. He'll warn, encourage, or instruct - so make sure not to miss Him because it can easily happen!

Critiques often criticize those with lofty goals, either due to a lack of faith in them or being afraid of their consequences - fear that you'll fail or disappoint family and friends, or feeling ashame for daring to pursue your ambitions. Such criticism should be carefully addressed as it could derail you from chasing after your dreams.

2. You Have Been Working Hard But No One Is Seeing You

Reality check: even if you have incredible talents and anointing, but have an unfriendly or divisive disposition, your work may never reach fruition. That's why God sometimes chooses to keep His people hidden - so they can work on themselves while at the same time giving Him time to change hearts so when their time finally comes, they can carry out his mission without disruptions or distractions.

So if you feel invisible or overlooked by others, don't give up hope just yet. God knows where He wants you hidden so He can work in your life; when the time is right to shine brightly through, no one will stop or hinder.

Just as He did for Elijah, Joseph, and David before you, God will bring you out into the light, give His favor upon you, and enable you to go where you couldn't on your own. Don't give up; continue doing what's good; God is preparing you for what's to come - it may not be right now but soon it will be! Stay faithful; your reward awaits - God's plans for you are much grander than anything you could dream up!

3. You Have Been Going In The Right Direction But No One Is Seeing You

If you are doing what is right but no one seems to recognize your efforts or recognize their importance, know that God is still with you and He is protecting and preparing you for a breakthrough. He might use people around you to keep you safe - for instance sending someone warning about a potentially hazardous person or situation or encouraging wise decision making that benefits others before yourself.

God often sends us away in order to teach us patience, wisdom, and trust. He's teaching us what's really important instead of chasing after meaningless things - by showing us false values or connecting us with people who possess similar qualities but use them inappropriately. God may lead you to meet a man who has all of these attributes but lacks an authentic faith relationship with Jesus Christ. This exercise should illustrate that your true love should not be materialistic but spiritual, and that the answer lies with Christ rather than seeking happiness in this world (Romans 1:18-19). Now is an excellent time to build your relationship with Him and ask Him to shed His light into any dark corners in your life.

4. You Have Been Trying To Do Things Your Way But No One Is Seeing You

Do you find yourself stubbornly striving to obtain what God isn't granting? If that is the case for you, you could be missing out on opportunities and experiences which could bring great happiness and fulfillment. In order to discover God's plan for you, allow Him to illuminate those areas which seem dark to you and reveal aspects about yourself which were never known before.

Your God may also be giving you signs that He wants you to avoid danger in certain situations, like seeing others around you fall ill but you don't, or sensing a dislike towards someone close to you; these could all be signs from Him to take caution when approaching this person, since He knows they might have harmful intentions towards you.

Keep this in mind: the Lord hides you for a reason, and when your time to be seen comes, nothing will stop it. Though He may not grant your every wish, He will equip you for greater anointing and make way for further ministry opportunities. Trust in Him daily while searching Scriptures daily in order to discern if He's telling you something or not.

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