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Spirit of Divination

Spirit of divination - Divination was practiced throughout ancient Near Eastern society through inductive manipulations of natural and human phenomena as well as intuitive forms of inner revelation. Pure Yahwism should always remain opposed to such practices of divination.

Paul cautioned against consulting mediums and wizards, such as Moabite soothsayer Balaam. Paul pointed out that many psychics, witches, and fortune tellers use demon powers to predict future events that seem plausible and accurate enough.

The Bible

The Bible contains 66 books divided into two major sections - Old Testament and New Testament. Written over 1500 years by various writers on various subjects including law, history, theology, poetry wisdom and prophecy they all came together into one complete book that is supernatural in origin, eternal in duration and divinely inspired - providing infallible authority.

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Divination in Hebrew Bible terminology is known as kecem and stems from its roots in kadosh - holy. Divination refers to any attempt at supernatural knowledge gaining through supernatural means such as soothsaying, necromancy (conjuring up of dead people's spirits), clairvoyance and tarot cards among other methods. Deuteronomy records strong negative injunctions against such methods and emphasizes verbal revelation as being most significant form of divination.

The Bible stands alone as an authoritative and essential text because of its message from its author, Jesus Christ. It stands as the final authority on life; universal in readership but personal in application; reverently read on a frequent, slow basis with prayerful intent.

Other Spirits of Divination in Modern Day World


Astrology can either be seen as an ancient and valuable system for understanding our place in nature with roots in Mesopotamia, China, Egypt and Greece or just plain rubbish depending on who you ask - although newspapers and magazine horoscopes remain popular with both believers and skeptics alike.

Astrologers use mathematical formulas to assess your personality traits and future based on how the planets and stars aligned at your birth. For instance, Gemini is an air sign symbolized by twins, thought to be socially inclined and communicative. Cancers, on the other hand, tend to be highly sentimental creatures with deep emotional ties to others that remain loyal and caring; Leos represent fire signs with dramatic passion charismatics traits while Scorpios represent water signs with claw-shaped symbols who are deep, spiritual and intensely sexual sexual.

Astrology may not always be reliable by scientific standards; one astrologer's predictions about your personality and future may be dissimilar from another's; constellations also don't remain fixed in the sky like fixed stars do; furthermore, astronomers have discovered that zodiac's twelve signs don't align exactly with where planets were when you were born since they move in an ellipse instead of circle!

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be used for divination and to gain insight into any situation, be it personal or professional. People use them to gain clarity into matters such as relationships and careers or seeking guidance on spiritual growth - unlike other forms of divination, however, tarot cards don't claim supernatural origin; instead they aid individuals to access their intuition and inner wisdom more readily.

Tarot readers generally use a deck of tarot cards and an accompanying book containing their meanings as well as potential interpretations to conduct readings. Tarot readers might also select an arrangement known as a spread to guide their reading; spreads can differ according to number, arrangement and meaning.

As part of any tarot reading, it is crucial that the individual remains focused and in an unclouded mental state. Alcohol or drugs should be avoided as these could negatively influence how you understand the symbolism and imagery within each card. Furthermore, it's advisable to shuffle them prior to laying out in a spread in order to remove any external influences and ensure the best reading possible.

When interpreting a tarot card, consider its position within the layout and what cards surround it. Cards in close proximity may have similar interpretations that intertwine; for instance if pulled during a reading about change the Devil could represent cycles and dependencies which hinder progress while Tower could signify chaos and disruption or provide an opportunity to break old ways of thinking.

Ouija Board

Ouija boards have long been part of popular culture, horror movies, and spiritual practices - though their history is often murky.

No doubt spirit-communicating devices would flourish during uncertain times like the 1910s and '20s when war, jazz age music, and general chaos led people to seek answers in any form they could. Charles Kennard of Baltimore cabinetmaker fame joined with E. C. Reiche of coffin maker fame to produce Ouija boards at that time - likely invented around 1886!

Reiche's boards became immensely popular and claimed that a message from beyond told him to expand production. That's exactly what he did - in 1919 Fuld cut Reiche out entirely so he could focus on building his own empire.

Norman Rockwell even captured this event for posterity on the cover of Saturday Evening Post in 1920.

Ouija boards' long and turbulent history doesn't end there; in the '80s, many people began viewing Ouija boards as dangerous gateways for demonic possession. Some religious and spiritual organizations even consider Ouija boards witchcraft; some religious and spiritual groups condemn these devices today.

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