should I ask God please kill me

Should I Ask God Please Kill Me?

Should I ask God please kill me? Numerous Christian men and women have experienced suicidal thoughts or prayers to God for help with self-destruction, which can be painful and frightening experiences. There are ways to cope with it though. First and foremost is knowing you're not alone on this journey - many others have gone down this road before you, providing encouragement along the way.

1. Is it a Real Prayer?

Few Christian books have experienced as dramatic an increase in readership as The Prayer of Jabez (Multnomah, 2000). Riding a wave of surging popularity, this short 93-page book has become an instant best seller and created its own subculture with journals, backpacks, vanilla-scented candles, and other marketing paraphernalia related to its promotion.

However, its immense popularity has obscured a much deeper truth: true prayer is life itself: breathing into the bosom of our heavenly Father as an expression of thanks, humility and love - both towards others and within ourselves.

People who have never truly prayed have not grasped what true prayer entails; all they've experienced so far is an outward form or skeleton of it. Prayer only exists if it expresses our desires with faith that will accept them; prayer cannot assume human probabilities or submit itself to human impossibilities, it must trust that God hears and answers us in return.

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2. Is it a Selfish Prayer?

Many have prayed to God to take them, often because of a desire to escape difficult situations or reduce suffering they observed around them. Such prayers reveal a selfish view of God that exists solely to meet our desires, relieve pain and make life as pleasurable as possible - which goes against what James states as being part of true worship and service to humanity. James warns against such selfish praying as it shows our true motives are pleasure rather than holiness and serving the greater good.

Praying, like any activity, can either be selfish or selfless in its intentions. It's up to each person praying to focus on what's truly important and avoid praying to avoid suffering or gain comfort; God wants what's best for us but sometimes that means going through difficult and trying experiences to help us grow as individuals.

3. Is it a Selfish Decision?

Selfish decisions refer to decisions which only benefit yourself, without providing benefits to anyone outside of yourself.

There's a fine line between being selfish and being selfless, however. Being selfless means putting others before yourself; this could include making donations to charity, providing assistance when family members require it or taking time for meditation and spiritual reflection.

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