how old was jesus mother when she died

How Old was Jesus's Mother When She Died?

How old was jesus when the wise men came? Mary has long been one of the most revered figures in history, yet little is known about her post-Jesus life. However, she often appears at events during which Jesus performs miracles or witnesses his crucifixion.

She was an extraordinary young girl, trusting God's plan for her life and standing near her son at Calvary where Simeon prophesied that sword would pierce through to pierce her soul.

Mary was a young teen when she gave birth to Jesus

The Bible does not specify Mary's age at the time she gave birth, but historians estimate she would have been in her early teen years due to Jewish customs at that time that permitted girls to become engaged and married early - then shortly thereafter give birth a few months or years after becoming betrothed.

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Mary was an extraordinary example of faith and trusting in the power of prayer to change her life for good. By saying yes to the plan laid out for her by God, Mary inspired countless individuals around the globe to follow Jesus and live a life that inspired millions more to believe that faith can bring miracles.

According to Luke's Gospel, when Mary learned of her pregnancy she responded with fear and wonder; nonetheless she kept her promise and bore Jesus Christ.

Mary was from the lineage of David and Judah, an important requirement for Messiahship as described by Isaiah (Isaiah 11:1). According to this verse of Isaiah's writings, Jesse's stump would become fertile ground from which new branches would sprout (Isaiah 11:1).

Mary remained faithfully following Christ even during His crucifixion and resurrection.

Her Faithfuless

Mary is one of Christianity's most revered figures. As mother to Jesus Christ and central figure in church teachings for centuries, her life are revered across various Christian communities.

Though Mary age was not specified in the Bible, scholars have estimated she was in her early fifties when Jesus died on the cross - this would fit with Jewish custom at that time, where women would typically become engaged by age twenty-four.

After Jesus died, Mary lived with John - whom Jesus entrusted to look after her - whom Jesus appointed to look after her needs. Mary is known for tending to sick people and comforting his followers while her strength of faith and resilience have inspired Christians through history.

She was a Mother of Jesus

Christian faith holds Mary in high esteem as Jesus' mother, venerating her as an example of humility and selflessness, her life and death serving as inspiration to Christians worldwide. Mary is often depicted with her blue mantle representing purity and devotion to God while at times also seen attending Jesus Christ's crucifixion - reflecting both deep love and anguish over seeing him die so cruelly for oour sins.

Mary was an ordinary Jewish girl living in Nazareth who had just become engaged to Joseph, a carpenter. But then Gabriel came and announced she would become pregnant with the Messiah; promising that this child will lead God's kingdom forever and ever.

Mary believed and obeyed God, leading to one of the most monumental events ever witnessed in human history.

The Bible does not specify Mary's age at the time she gave birth, though scholars have proposed she could have been as young as early teen years. Some scholars use Jesus' birth and death dates to calculate Mary's age at death - depending on these calculations she could have been anywhere between early to mid fifties at her time of death.

She was a Christian

Mother Mary is a central figure in Christianity, and her life has inspired countless individuals across time and culture.

Due to biblical silence on her age at death, it can be difficult to establish how old Mary was when she died.

John the Apostle provided care for Mary after the death of her husband. According to Scripture, Mary lived several more years before passing away at approximately late forties or early fifties age - she witnessed Jesus' crucifixion alongside with her sister, Clopas' wife as per John 19:25-27.

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