how old was david when he fought goliath

How Old was David When He Fought Goliath?

How old was David when he fought goliath? There is no additional historical source which mentions David's age during his famous battle with Goliath. 1 Samuel 17 reveals that David's brothers were serving on King Saul's army, while he frequently came back home to deliver food to their camp.

David was insulted by Goliath's taunts and offered to fight him; but Saul dissuaded him, reasoning that David was too young and Goliath had been engaged in warfare from a very early age.

David’s Age at the Time of the Battle

The story of David and Goliath from the Bible has long been revered and is beloved throughout literature, art, culture, and even other underdog tales. Today we most recognize David as the hero who defeated Goliath with only rocks and slingshot. But less well known is how old David actually was during their epic clash.

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The Scripture gives us some key indicators as to David's age when he slew Goliath, which were "youths". Youth refers to an undeveloped teenager; therefore David had not fully come of age when he killed Goliath.

Other clues indicate that David was still in his early twenties at the time of this battle, as demonstrated by his marriage of Abigail, widow of Carmel when he was twenty (1 Samuel 25:1-2)

Furthermore, David's physical appearance should also be considered when trying to estimate his age at the time of battle. His family were physically impressive individuals - his brother especially so. Furthermore, David himself was considered an "imposing man of valor and war", suggesting a height comparable to other military leaders of his day.

David’s Age at the Time of His Anointing

Goliath's death is one of the best-known stories from the Bible, with millions hearing and seeing depictions of it each year. But how many really know the tale behind its events?

The biblical account indicates that David was anointed by Samuel prior to fighting Goliath, suggesting he may have been around 15 when he killed the giant. This fits with Jesse's other sons being 15 at this point and also being reasonable ages for someone working on a farm tending sheep while fighting off lions and bears.

David was between 20-24 when he joined Israel's army, fulfilling God's law through Moses to represent their nation in battle. If David were younger than 20, this battle would not have allowed for his participation as this violates Moses's code.

After the battle, Saul inquired as to the identity of David's father; this fact lends weight to the idea that David must have been around 15 when he killed Goliath. Furthermore, considering how long he ran from Saul before marrying Abigail suggests that David must have been at least 30 when he became King.

David’s Age at the Time of His Ascension to Kingship

At the time of his battle with Goliath, David's exact age isn't given in Scripture; however, we know he was between fifteen and twenty. When offering to fight Goliath for Saul, David explained he had been tending his father's sheep while killing bears and lions that threatened them - indicating his youthful years at this point in time.

This indicates that he was still quite young when anointed king.

Saul rejected David as a worthy opponent for fighting Goliath because of his youth and appearance; yet David proved capable of killing both lions and bears that threatened his flocks while also joining Saul's army (according to 1 Samuel 17:33).

The Bible doesn't provide us with exact ages of David at his anointing, battle against Goliath or ascension to kingship; however, estimates based on historical context can provide us with an approximate age estimate for these significant events in his life. He lived a remarkable long and fruitful life that has inspired people of all ages and beliefs alike.


The iconic Bible battle between David and Goliath remains one of the most iconic moments. Though Scripture doesn't reveal David's exact age at the time of their encounter, we can estimate his age based on various considerations.

David was between 15-20 years old at the time he challenged Goliath with a stone slingshot, showing an astounding level of young courage and confidence. Furthermore, according to scripture he was shepherding his father's sheep flock as well as killing bears and lions that threatened them at that momentous battle.

Bible records state that only soldiers aged twenty or over participated in Israel's army during battles, so David must have been under 20 when he fought Goliath.

David won his battle with Goliath, then went on to rule Israel as its King and establish Jerusalem as its capital city. Throughout his life he conquered many of Israel's enemies and is widely remembered as one of its most successful military leaders in Jewish history. Although he experienced moral lapses at certain points during his lifetime, David remains an embodiment of courage and faith for people of all ages; his legacy stands as proof that faith can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

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