how many times is prayer mentioned in the bible
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How Many Times is Prayer Mentioned in the Bible?

How many times is prayer mentioned in the bible? Prayer is an integral component of Christianity. But how often is prayer mentioned in the Scripture? Unfortunately, this question can only be answered after careful consideration has been given to context and version of Bible being referenced.

In the King James Bible alone, there are 693 mentions of prayer-related terms or its variants that could be taken as references to actual praying.


Prayer in the Bible serves as an avenue between people and God, wherein believers believe He responds by providing strength, joy, guidance, wisdom and peace in their lives. Prayer can take many forms such as being silent or spoken out loud while also taking place individually or collectively - making it an integral component of many religious traditions and can take place both individually or communally.

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The Bible contains hundreds of Psalms dedicated to praying, as well as other types of prayers such as intercession and healing prayer. Furthermore, Jesus himself often engaged in praying in public and often healed people through His prayers.

According to the Dake Annotated Reference Bible, there are 176 prayers recorded in both Old and New Testaments; 46 come from each testament and include actual worded prayers rather than generic statements like "he prayed," "she entreated the Lord," or "they called upon the name of the Lord." Furthermore, Jesus himself made 25 references in New Testament passages where He prays for deliverance, forgiveness of sins, guidance and protection - these may all count towards his count!


Prayer is the means by which believers communicate with God, offering strength, joy, wisdom and guidance from within themselves and from outside sources. Additionally, prayer can also serve as an excellent means for forgiveness and healing.

However, it's essential to keep in mind that prayer is no magic trick and doesn't guarantee all your requests will be granted. According to Scripture, God answers prayers according to His plan and timetable - therefore having faith and persevering with your prayers is key for success.

The Bible records that Daniel and King David both understood the value of beginning each day by offering prayers to God, starting in the morning, afternoon and nighttime prayers respectively. Their daily routine included dedicating themselves to praying before taking on any tasks or endeavors for which they needed help from other sources.


Prayer is an integral component of religious practices and spirituality. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Bible contains multiple references to prayer - both Old Testament and New Testament passages evidencing its importance throughout biblical history; Jesus himself prayed 25 times during his earthly ministry alone!

The frequency with which "pray" appears in the Bible depends on multiple factors. One such factor is which version is being read - different versions use various terms to refer to similar actions like petitioning or pleading. Another consideration is where prayer appears within context - for instance, prayers, petitioning and entreating are all essentially synonymous acts that each have different descriptions in scripture.

To accurately count the mentions of prayer in the Bible, it's crucial to account for all its aspects and ensure an accurate count. By doing this, you'll be able to pinpoint just how often prayer appears throughout its pages and thus determine its frequency in Scripture.

Answered Prayers

Reading the Bible makes it evident that prayer plays an integral role in many lives. Prayer serves as an avenue between humankind and God, providing divine guidance through communication between them both.

The Bible contains numerous examples of prayers being answered, like Jesus telling his disciples that faith of a mustard seed could move mountains (Matthew 17:20). Jesus also prayed that those following his disciples be filled with the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:1) as Hezekiah requested (2 Kings 20:3-18) which God granted; David composed 50 prayer-psalms which either were fulfilled immediately or will soon (Psalms 73-143).


The Bible is one of the world's most revered religious texts, featuring numerous influential ideas, concepts, and teachings that continue to shape religious lives around the globe. Additionally, prayer plays a central role in many faith traditions worldwide - many people often ask how often this fundamental part of religious life is mentioned within its pages.

Answering this question depends upon context and translation; for example, Luke mentions two separate prayers called "supplications and prayers", though this phrase could mean either two distinct types or even be one and the same prayer. Other factors affecting how often the Bible mentions prayer include word count and whether prayer-related phrases appear alone or alongside other phrases in a passage.

Jesus spoke often of prayer throughout his Gospels. He claimed that even faith as small as a mustard seed could move mountains and that God hears our prayers - so it is best to pray frequently with faith that He will respond positively to them. Prayer can take many forms; loud or silent, long or short - the purpose is always the same: communicating with our Creator!

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