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How Does it Feel When God Touches You?

How does it feel when God touches you? Being touched by the Holy Spirit can be an extraordinary spiritual experience, often leading to feelings of peace, love and reverence.

Also, meditation often produces an overwhelming feeling of comfort and warmth. Some may experience goosebumps while others feel an indescribably profound joy and peace that cannot be fully described.


God's touch can be an profoundly transformative experience for each of us, whether that means feeling warm sensations, light breezes, energy waves or simply feeling comforted and loved by Him. These moments often include words of wisdom and understanding for life's purpose - as well as rejuvenation and restoration.

Thinking about God as spirit can be difficult to comprehend, yet many who have experienced His touch report feeling warmth or tingling sensations in certain parts of their body after healing from Him.

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Scripture offers us numerous examples of God's touch. One such instance can be seen in Jeremiah's story when God touched his mouth through prophetic vision; his physical touch wasn't visible but its effects on heart and soul were real.

Another great example can be seen in the story of the Good Samaritan who helped a victim who was being robbed. While he might not have been someone that normally offered help due to being related to the perpetrator of the theft, He touched his heart so he was willing to show mercy and meet their need.


Joy is a positive emotion that contrasts with negative ones like sadness. Joy is the fruit of the Spirit and one of its central themes in Scripture, often associated with faith, hope, and love. People who have experienced His touch often describe it as being filled with overwhelming peace and joy - something powerful enough to help even when all seems hopeless.

Joy differs from happiness in that happiness is fleeting while joy can remain more permanent and transform your circumstances into blessings and turn sorrow into gratitude. Joy may even exist during dark times or death itself.

Joy can also be found when we discover truth from Scripture and allow it to take root in our hearts, leading us to realize that our Daddy God is always with us even during life's most trying moments. Reading the Bible regularly can help reveal God to you more deeply through His Word - this way we'll get closer to knowing Him better and finding true happiness. In ancient Hebrew literature this was expressed with simcha or samach; while in New Testament Greek literature this term translated into either khara or euphrosune for joyousness - finding meaning.


God is so compassionate that when He touches you, it brings peace. This may feel like electricity pulsing through your body or goose bumps; or perhaps He uses songs playing on the radio, encouragement from friends or stories on TV to bring comfort. Sometimes He even allows us to experience someone else's pain so we can pray for them!

People whose hearts God has touched become passionate disciples who hunger for more of Him. They spend time praying and receive insights from heaven; forming intimate bonds with the Almighty unlike anyone else can.

God is truly amazing in how He can bring about change even among people who do not yet believe in Him, as evidenced by Exodus 2. For instance, Pharaoh's daughter noticed Moses lying helpless in a basket and had compassion on him, saving the future leader of Israel through her intervention and fulfilling God's will through her.

Once God touches your heart, you will feel drawn to serve and please Him through your life and actions - as Mary did when anointing Jesus' feet with oil. Those whose hearts He has touched strive to love and serve Him even when it costs them their precious possessions.


God often works through humility to touch us all deeply. It's an effective form of His touch that can prompt great change; one which causes one to set aside their prideful desire for earthly possessions in favor of His glory.

Humility comes in all shapes and forms - be it God touching our mouth as He did in Jeremiah's prophetic vision, or in simpler ways such as choosing Jesus over all else when in danger; each type of touch reminds us that without His help we are helpless - He truly is our strength and our savior and yet remains very humble God.

God may not be physical, but He often shows Himself in the work He does for Christians. Whatever it may be, being open to receiving God's touch and hearing what he may say through the Scriptures can only increase your relationship with Him and let him share his blessings!

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