how does god heal a broken heart of lost relationship
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How Does God Heal a Broken Heart of Lost Relationship?

How does God heal a broken heart of lost relationship? Anguish of having a broken heart can be very uncomfortable, yet healing is possible.

Self-compassion should be practiced in order to dismantle unhealthy thinking patterns which don't follow biblical truth and focus on God's love and trust that His plans for you are indeed beneficial.

Step one towards victory against Satan is filling your mind with God's Word, aligning yourself with it rather than his lies.

He has a perfect love for you

As soon as a relationship ends, your heart may feel broken into pieces - this is an understandable reaction and should serve as a signal that it needs healing from God.

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The Bible reminds us that God cares deeply for those suffering emotional pain or relationship breakdown, with one popular prophecy declaring that Christ came to "heal the brokenhearted" (Isaiah 61:1; Luke 4:18). Healing may take time, but remember God is with you every step of the way.

Begin the path toward healing by repenting of any unhealthy thought patterns and turning towards what's right in God's eyes. If bitter feelings towards your former flame still linger, pray and ask Him to change them. Reciting Bible verses daily or listening to worship songs will also help focus on what's real instead of suffering.

As well as using these methods to ease the pain caused by your broken heart, other ways exist. Working hard at your job and spending time with family and friends are good strategies, but do not rely on these as your sole source of comfort as they could lead to further hurt down the line.

He will not leave you

At such times, it is essential to remember that God will always be with us despite what may be going on in our lives. He provides comfort and strength when needed; He never leaves us on our own! In addition, surrounding yourself with people who will support and provide Godly wisdom can also be very comforting; perhaps seeking out new friends or seeking Christian counselors may help.

Take time to reflect on where things went wrong in your relationship and where more generous behavior could have made things better, to let go of bitterness or resentment that has accumulated and be more grateful for what's good in life. This exercise may also help with forgiveness.

The Bible encourages believers to subjugate every thought to the truth of God's word, so as not to dwell on unhealthy or negative thoughts that lead to despair or depression. Instead, replacing negative ones with positive, biblical ones will help you focus on what God is doing in your life and trust He will heal any broken hearts.

If your heart has been broken, listen to this Abide meditation based on biblical promises to remind yourself that God won't abandon you and has a purpose for your suffering.

He will heal your broken heart

No matter what you're facing - be it grieving over a lost loved one, struggling in marriage, or experiencing heartache due to an unpleasant breakup - God promises He is with you each step of the way. He promises He will heal your broken heart and use it for His glory; restore what was lost and make all things new; giving hope of a fresh start with new possibilities of growth spiritually and emotionally while giving strength for reclaiming relationships, should that be His plan.

When experiencing heartache, it's essential that you encase yourself with God's healing words. Spend time reading scripture and praying, talking with him about your emotions openly - trying to deny or ignore your feelings could only postpone healing or even prevent it altogether.

As part of your recovery from heartbreak, it's also essential to find healthy ways to cope. Exercise and healthy eating are excellent strategies that can assist with healing processes; plus spending time with friends provides invaluable support systems and encouragement.

After experiencing heartbreak, you may be reluctant to trust people again. While this can be useful as a natural defense mechanism, it may prevent you from opening up and exploring relationships - thus hindering happiness and real freedom in life. So it is important that after taking some time for healing it's best to drop any defensive walls that may exist within yourself and open yourself up again by trusting other people again.

He will give you peace

As soon as your heart breaks, it's essential that you let go of your feelings and surrender them all to God for healing. The Bible contains many passages which can provide peace and comfort during these difficult times; try reading these Bible verses for broken hearts daily aloud to remind Him you believe He can heal it - this may take longer than other people, so just have compassion on yourself and be patient!

Surrendering your heart to God will allow him to heal it and restore your joy. He can assist in finding forgiveness for those who caused pain; then He'll replace that pain with His glory and grace, blessing others around you in turn.

Understanding that the world and things cannot heal your heart is key to beginning the healing process. If you've been leaning on other people or substances for comfort, now may be the time to give those over to God and devote yourself solely to spending time with Him each day - Treasured One has an E-book entitled Nourishing Your Heart which outlines ways of connecting with him through his words that nourish life-giving nourish your soul while starting the healing process in your own heart.

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