for this child i have prayed

For this Child I have Prayed

Hannah's Promise to the Lord

For this child I have prayed - Many women struggle to have children. Prayer, seeking God's face, and waiting can sometimes yield fruitful answers; sometimes God answers yes while other times no. Hannah had complete trust in God and dedicated her child no matter the outcome.

1 Samuel 1:27

Hannah brings Samuel to Shiloh Temple so as to fulfill a vow she made after God answered her prayer. Hannah prays with Samuel while offering up his services as part of this devotion to the Lord.

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1 Samuel 1:34

Elkanah annually traveled to Shiloh to worship and sacrifice before the Lord at His tabernacle; there he saw Hophni and Phinehas serve as priests (see 1 Samuel 1:13-17).

Hannah made a vow that, should the Lord grant her a child, she would take it to Shiloh and offer it up as a servant for God - Samuel (which means "Asked of God") was her answer to prayer! Hannah kept her promise by continuing to pray without ceasing - an example of Nazarite vows (cf. Numbers 6:4-5). Hannah kept up her side of the bargain by not ceasing in praying until God answered!

1 Samuel 1:39

1 and 2 Samuel begin with one of 146 hinge conjunctions in the Bible - "BUT". This single word opens a gateway into a new era for Israel.

Her rival would try to provoke her, leading her to fret that the LORD had closed off her womb. Yet, she vowed that from birth her child would be set apart for Him.

1 Samuel 1:43

Women who pray will not be disappointed.

She made a vow that any child she gave birth to would become a Nazarite and dedicate themselves to religious service from birth until death.

Hannah made this vow and prayer, prompting Hannah to praise Jehovah Sabaoth (the Lord of Hosts). This marks the first recorded usage of this amazing name!

Honest Prayer

Hannah's prayer to God was not demanding but was honest in its devotion. She pledged that Samuel would remain humble, grateful, and grateful towards him, so as to return him back into service of the LORD. God answered her prayer by returning Samuel back into priestly service where he dedicated himself completely for God's service.

Elkanah and Hannah would make annual pilgrimages to Shiloh for worship and sacrifice at the Tabernacle of the LORD, taking Samuel with them, where he lived under the tutelage of priest of God.

One small hinge opened a gateway for Israel into a new era: Hannah ("grace") was chosen by God and appointed prophet Samuel. What an inspiring lesson about trust and surrender!

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